Lesson 5: FAST40 // How Fasting Fuels Spiritual Freedom

FAST40 is a practice that corresponds with the seasons and lasts around forty days.

Fasting has recently taken center stage in health and wellness. There are many types of fasts that help us cut calories so we can lose weight but FAST40 is a fast that not only helps you physically, but also spiritually. Fasting is a spiritual discipline and reveals the things that control us. During your FAST40, you can choose to fast from certain foods or fast habits that leave you feeling unwell. FAST40 is a detox for the heart and for the body, sifting away the impurities so what’s left is clean. FAST40 is a transformational practice that leads us on our path toward spiritual freedom. 

Why 40?

FAST40 is drawn from Scripture about Jesus’ fast in the desert for forty days after he was baptized by John the Baptist (Matthew 4:1-11). Fasting is the number one practice that will center our hearts toward God. Fasting brings a sense of self-awareness. While many fasts involve abstaining from food, we can also practice fasting emotions, negative attitudes, and technology. 


Because we view seasons as a vital way to deepen our relationship with God, we also want to approach each season as an opportunity to participate in a fast so that we can find balance in our lives. FAST40 is a six week practice but can be stretched or shrunk to fit within your schedule. We believe that FAST40 can be transformational and truly lead you out of anxiety and to a place of peace. 

Action Tasks:

  1. Have you ever participated in a spiritual fast before? 
  2. What would you want to fast this season? Why? 
  3. Look at your schedule. Does forty days seem too much of a challenge for the season you are in? If so, pick an amount of time that seems doable. We will also share resources with you for our mini-challenge, FRESH15.

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