Lesson 1: the rest + full project philosophy

Inside the rest + full project, our mission is to provide space for rest and renewal so you can draw peace, wholeness, blessing, and connection to the Lord and other Christ-followers. Our rest philosophy is driven by these three pillars of truth:

  • God is a God of Order

From the very beginning of creation, God has created the earth, space, animals, and people with purpose. When our lives are busy and we feel scattered, overwhelmed, and tired, we can find order in who God is and what our purpose is when we choose to follow His direction. We will learn more about the foundations of how our mind, body, and soul can live within spiritual order in upcoming lessons. 

  • Rest Restores

Spiritual Rest is different from physical rest. Rest restores us to a worship-based faith instead of a works-based faith. We will learn how to practice spiritual rest through nourishing our minds and bodies with God’s word, cleansing our systems from inflammation by fasting, and learning to be still before we make moves. 

  • There is Purpose in Every Season 

As seasons shift, our bodies cycle through an organic ebb and flow of change influenced by the seasons themselves: hours of daylight, foods that are abundant at particular times of the year, weather patterns, and seasonally inspired activities. You will learn through our quarterly seasonal guidebooks how the physical seasons are a path toward your personal spiritual formation and wellness journey. 

Action Tasks: Answer the following question listed below:

  1. Do you find yourself living by your body, soul, or the Holy Spirit? 
  2. What are the top three benefits you hope to gain from practicing rest? 
  3. What are you learning in your current season of life? 

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