Episode 2 // What Is Advent?

What is Advent, exactly?

We celebrate it every year, but to some it just means a time of busyness, stress, and frantic holiday preparations. That is quite the opposite of what Advent means. The word “Advent” in ancient Latin means “arrival.” It’s a time to prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus—in the quiet way Jesus came, as a lowly baby, in a small stable in the middle of nowhere. Advent is all about making room—for King Jesus, what His birth meant, and what started the greatest Redemption story of all. 

We understand the busyness of the Christmas season. As wives and moms who work outside the home, we too feel exhausted trying to do all the things so our families can have the best Christmas memories. We have noticed that while we both love the month of December, we become weary as the days go by because we are out of our daily routine and structure. The Lord has been teaching us (now more than ever) how honoring the Sabbath in our family’s schedule will help us enjoy our weekly activities from a posture of peace instead of anxiety.

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