Episode 10 // 3 Steps for a Busy Mom to Practice Self-Care (With Valerie Thompson)

I am so excited for you guys to listen to today's podcast interview with Valerie Thompson. She is full of encouragement for busy moms and gives easy, practical advice for self-care in the midst of taking care of our families. 

Valerie's 3 Steps Summary:

- Breathwork

- Journaling

- Meditation

Take some time to watch my interview with Valerie. She will also be joining us at our Reset Session on January 7 to teach breathwork and yoga. Join us by using our podcast code VALTHOMP20 to receive 20% off!

About Valerie: 

Valerie Thompson is a certified health coach who works with women who are seeking guidance to lose weight and create behavior changes that last. As a mother, she understands the pressure of raising children and the stress that can bring. She teaches scientifically proven strategies to help women be able to choose what is best for them, boost confidence, stress less, work through feelings of overwhelmed and over scheduled while focusing on her clients health.

Valerie received her training through Integrative Nutrition as well as The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Is certified in yoga, medication and breath work. In her spare time she enjoys spending time in the yard, playing with her dog Buster, yoga, & pilates. As well as spending time with friends and family. She recently was certified in scuba diving and loves the outdoors.

Valerie graduated The University of North Alabama as a Public Relations major and prior to children worked as a buyer for the retail chain Parisian in Birmingham. Once having children, and moving to Dothan. She enjoyed staying home with her boys for Will and Luke now 22, and 20 who are both at Auburn. Will will be graduating in May in animal sciences and hopes to continue on to vet school in the fall. Luke is a sophomore studying biomedical sciences.

Find Valerie online here: 

Instagram: @valhealthcoach

Website: www.valerieshealthandwellness.com

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